Distinguished Institutions
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Specialised Institutes

Holistic Care for a Healthier Tomorrow

Discover a realm of specialized care at Parvathy Hospital, where our Institutes of Excellence redefine healthcare with a holistic approach. Embodying our commitment to comprehensive well-being, each institute stands as a beacon of excellence, addressing specific health concerns with precision and compassion.


PICS at Parvathy Hospital is dedicated to comprehensive cardiac care with state-of-the-art diagnostics and cutting-edge interventions.

Knee Institute

The Knee Institute focuses on restoring mobility and eliminating discomfort associated with knee-related problems.

Institute of Foot and Ankle

The Institute of Foot and Ankle is dedicated to address foot and ankle problems with expert podiatrists and orthopedic specialists.

Shine Dental

Shine Dental prioritizes your oral health, offering a range of dental services from routine check-ups to advanced cosmetic and restorative procedures.


At Parvathy Hospital, our specialized institutes collectively embody our commitment to holistic healthcare. With a focus on prevention, early detection, and personalized treatment plans, we strive to ensure that every patient receives comprehensive care for a healthier tomorrow.

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