Parvathy Hospital has been voted as one of the most trusted private hospitals in india by THE TIMES.

The inception of Parvathy Hospital traces back to Dr. S. Muthukumar's visionary realization, born from his experiences addressing critical emergency trauma cases in Chennai, India. Observing that, for every 100 patients he treated, an additional 100 were unable to access medical care due to financial constraints, Dr. Muthukumar recognized the urgent need for an advanced multi-specialty medical institution in Chennai.

Henceforth, Parvathy Hospital was conceptualized - An institution, which is committed to offering a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology, robust infrastructure, clinical excellence, and a synthesis of traditional Indian and modern medicine, all delivered at an affordable cost.

We have established an institution that upholds global standards in healthcare delivery, ensuring that care is extended to patients without imposing an exorbitant financial burden. Parvathy Hospital is dedicated to not only providing advanced technical facilities but also integrating modern medicine with traditional Indian practices, thereby enhancing the quality of treatments beyond the current benchmarks."

Dr S Muthukumar

Chairman & Managing Director, Parvathy Hospital

Parvathy Hospital was founded with an unwavering mission to provide advanced and affordable healthcare, emphasizing a commitment to technology and research. Despite its evolution over the past 30 years, the hospital remains steadfast in upholding its foundational values.

Commitment to Leadership & Excellence

Our pledge is to consistently deliver optimal outcomes through exemplary actions and behaviors, demonstrating a dedication to leadership and excellence in all facets of our operations.

Adherence to Integrity & Courage

We adhere to the highest ethical standards, prioritizing the interests of our patients and demonstrating the courage to uphold what is ethically right in all circumstances.

Emphasis on Compassion & Service

We cultivate a culture where every member is devoted to extending care to patients and their caregivers beyond the call of duty, rooted in compassion and a commitment to service.

Advocacy for Collaboration, Learning & Innovation

Our approach is to foster teamwork and collaboration, embracing change and creativity to stimulate innovation. We actively seek better ways to achieve our goals, encouraging a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

As Parvathy Hospital continues to advance, our enduring values serve as the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services while embracing progress and innovation.


Parvathy Hospital is one of the largest multi-speciality tertiary care providers in the south region of Chennai in terms of bed capacity (100+ installed beds). We deliver advanced, affordable end-to-end healthcare in all over Chennai through our network of five hospitals, six Mediclinics, diagnostic laboratories, home-care and telemedicine services.

We aim to extend specialized care for complex cases in under-served densely populated areas through our patient-first model of healthcare. Our facilities have received different accreditations from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH).

We’ve made quality healthcare that is accessible to all

Where the hospital comes to you

Our Homecare service extends the reach of healthcare to patients by providing access to highly skilled and experienced doctors, delivering the highest standard of healthcare directly to the comfort of their homes.

Where healthcare is affordable

In addition to our financial aid initiatives and affiliations with insurance providers, Parvathy Hospital is enrolled in various government schemes, ensuring that beneficiaries receive healthcare of the same high quality at an affordable cost.

Where medicine knows no bounds

Our commitment extends beyond conventional healthcare settings. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals, ranging from implementing TB-eradication programs in Chennai to addressing and preventing dengue in high-risk locations.

We stood by our values that are engraved in our core

Our Ethos

Continuous research and innovation in Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

Our Mission

The continuous enhancement of patient care with updated knowledge of unprecedented technology. Caring with a smile and an essential human touch to create patients’ delight.

Our Vision

To open up new horizons in healthcare technology and make it available for everyone while delivering standardized healthcare at all times.