ICU Care Unit

The critical care medicine department of Parvathy Hospital combines numerous specialties and technology to give patients, who are acutely or critically sick, the best chance of survival. Parvathy Hospital's ICU administration has redefined intensive care medicine, establishing its services as the greatest critical care services in the city, thanks to its medical skills and state-of-the-art infrastructure.


To make Parvathy Hospital the finest critical care hospital, a lot of focus is made on areas like nursing training, standardising care (like NABH recognised Nursing Excellence) through clinical pathways, and identifying ethical and economic challenges relevant to Critical Care.

Inspiring Stories!

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“My initial fear of pain after surgery disappeared with the physiotherapy I received at Parvathy Hospital. I am now able to climb the stairs, cook for my family and live a life I love after my knee replacement surgery at the hospital.”

“I was confined to the bed for 5 years because of Rheumatoid Arthritis before the surgery. I thought I should not live. Knee replacement has given me a life and one worth living at age of 21.”

“I thought I will never be able to walk or cook for my family. My surgery at Parvathy Hospital gave me my life back again. I have a new life after my knee replacement.”