Digital X-Ray


Digital radiography (DR) is a type of x-ray inspection that generates a digital radiographic image on a computer in real time. During object examination, x-ray sensitive plates capture data, which is then instantaneously sent to a computer without the requirement of an intermediate cassette.

At Parvathy Hospital, instead of typical photographic film, digital X-ray sensors are employed. Its benefits include the ability to digitally transfer and enhance photographs while saving time by skipping chemical processing.

The main beginning point for identifying a range of health conditions is radiography with X-ray. It's a radiography technique that falls within the category of digital radiography. Because of its inexpensive cost, X-ray technology is widely available in the medical community. It's completely noninvasive, safe if not overdone, and delivers images swiftly, allowing us to spot problems immediately.

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“My initial fear of pain after surgery disappeared with the physiotherapy I received at Parvathy Hospital. I am now able to climb the stairs, cook for my family and live a life I love after my knee replacement surgery at the hospital.”

“I was confined to the bed for 5 years because of Rheumatoid Arthritis before the surgery. I thought I should not live. Knee replacement has given me a life and one worth living at age of 21.”

“I thought I will never be able to walk or cook for my family. My surgery at Parvathy Hospital gave me my life back again. I have a new life after my knee replacement.”