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At Parvathy Hospital we look at every single element that would support the success of the surgery. 100% case specific and patient specific, the patient is chosen based on the functional ability the surgery can offer the patient. For example the ability to get back to full household activities, have children and rear them etc.,

The Hip Joint is the largest joint in the body. And so is its importance when it comes to your mobility and activity. Conditions affecting the Hip Joint vary from the lack of blood supply to the Hip Joint due to a childhood injury, or due to the consumption of steroids because of asthmatic or skin conditions which is drug induced AVN (Avascular Necrosis). Fracture, is also a common cause which prevents the blood supply to the end of the bone. The ball in the ball and socket joint.

The ball which is the top most end of the bone loses blood supply making the functioning of the joint difficult. This is one of the most common reasons for a Hip Replacement Surgery apart from Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis

The first navigated Hip Replacement surgery in Asia Pacific was performed at Parvathy Hospital. And Dr. Muthukumar was the first surgeon to do so.

In reality the Hip Joint evolved into the first successful Arthroplasty system.

Conditions and complications of the Hip Joint are addressed with a holistic approach from diagnosis to treatment and surgery. The Hip Joints play big role in child bearing and during labour and is the primary weight-bearing joint which enables you to stand erect, sit, bend and move around.


A Hip replacemnet wont Feel natural


There have been significant advances in materials,designs and surgical procedures for hip replacement.Our surgeons uses implant options with a wide range of sizes.,esigns and materials to best meet individual patient needs and recreate the feel and movement of a natural hip. While the choices are many,the goal is the same,to bring you long term relief from pain and increase your mobility.

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