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Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgery

Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery

The face is the index of the mind …Is it just that?

Your face is your identity speaks a lot about your confidence. In many ways it also shapes your personality giving you self-esteem! It has form and function and the architectural marvel contributes in numerous ways for the routine functioning of the body.

OMFS Treatment & Surgeries at Parvathy Hospital

  • Trauma
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Pathology –Oral Cancers, Cysts and Benign Tumors.
  • Dental Implants

Dental Procedures

  • Filling
  • Restoration
  • Orthodontic Braces
  • Root Canal

Complete Dentures

  • Total Mouth Rehabilitation – For patients with arthritis affecting the Jaw Joints.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Clinic – Derangements affecting the Jaw Joints


Maxillofacial surgeries leave a facial scar


Most of the maxillofacial surgeries are performed from inside the mouth and thus do not leave any scars on the face. However, in few cases where incisions are made on the skin of the face, are well hidden in natural skin folds.

The Oral and Maxillo Facial specialty deals in providing treatments and surgical care for disturbances in the chief functions of the body which are:

And the five special senses of the face which are :

Vision, Hearing, Tasting, Smelling and Touching

These chief functions occur only when there is a right positioning of the teeth in the Jaw and the Jaw onto the face. Any disturbance due to a birth defect, acquired disease or unfortunate trauma can alter the very structure of the face. Oral and Maxillo Facial treatment and surgery is centered on the four cavities of the face:

Orbital, Nasal, Sinus and Oral cavity

The bone which forms the rim around these cavities form the very architecture of the face. Treating Birth deformities, Acquired diseases and Unfortunate trauma, care for Oral and Maxillo Facial problems either elective or emergency is complete and comprehensive at Parvathy Hospital.

The two jaws are a prominent part of the face. Any deformity or disease in the upper and lower jaw alter the very proportion of the face and the features of the face, making it a major reason for the disfigurement of the face.

This positioning is disturbed or deranged due to a number of reasons which can be categorized as under:

  • Birth Deformity
  • Acquired disease
  • Unfortunate Trauma

The Oral and Maxillo Facial specialty deals in providing treatments and surgical care

  • To reconstruct the facial form following injury or tumor removal
  • To remove the patient of diseases like oral cancer or cyst
  • To relieve the pain from dental and maxillofacial structures
  • To restore the functions of the oral cavity like implantology
  • To establish the aesthetic look on the face
Facial Trauma

We have a high rate of successful facial reconstructions and have produced remarkable results in patients who have succumbed to severe Trauma. The 24/7 availability of OMFS surgeons makes Parvathy Hospital one of the best for Pan Facial Trauma surgeries. Our functional rehabs have yielded astounding results and the patient returns to a normal life in a remarkable turnaround time.

We stay on top of the Oral & Maxillo Facial Game!

Embracing every recent advancement in the Oral and Maxillo Facial arena the Brain Suite’s Inter-Operative CT at Parvathy Hospital enables virtual planning and simulation of the surgery in the system. Our surgeons are also on the constant quest on offering patients the right Maxillo Facial prosthesis depending on the complexities of the case.

Corrective jaw surgery: A patient wanting to enhance the existing facial balance is surgically designed to attain a more balanced and aesthetic face with the concepts of divine proportions and cephalometrics. A virtual 3D surgery is done to visualize the proposed outcome and discussed with the patient.

Relief from Snoring: One of the chief reasons for snoring and loss of regular sleep due to breathing difficulty is an underdeveloped lower jaw. Recent advancements in jaw surgery help in bringing a great functional change to the patient’s life. Our surgeons have good experience providing the patient relief.

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