About Us

Parvathy Hospital chooses innovation, quality, empathy and precision in every aspect of its service. As Chennai's biggest Orthopaedic and Level 1 Trauma Centre, we are a fully accredited NABH Hospital with an expert team of hand-picked doctors and specialists. We have a legacy of more than 17 years in providing quality healthcare and successful services to more than 1.2 million trauma cases.

Delivering better outcomes for every patient is at the heart of our service. To approach Trauma Care with extreme caution, we have a 24/7 availability of Trauma, Vascular, Neuro, Orthopaedic, Plastic, Oral & Maxillofacial and Gastroenterology specialists, who ensure critical care of the trauma patient needs during the golden hour.

Parvathy hospital resonates transparency in every interaction with the patient and believes in enabling the patient to make an informed choice about treatment options. From general consultations to specialist surgeries, our team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and attendants are sensitive to every patient’s need.

Our Ethos

Continuous research and innovation in Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

Our Mission

The continuous enhancement of patient care with updated knowledge of unprecedented technology. Caring with a smile and an essential human touch to create patients’ delight.

Our Vision

To open up new horizons in healthcare technology and make it available for everyone while delivering standardised healthcare at all times.

Found by Dr. Muthu Kumar in 1993, Parvathy Hospital has 29 years of excellence in health care and patient care. From Ortho Specialty & preventive health care to innovative life-saving treatments and diagnostic services, Parvathy Hospital has transformed over 5 Lakhs lives from India, middle east and African countries, offering the best patient care outcomes.

  • Finest Healing Hands

    Finest and brightest medical experts who provide compassionate care using outstanding expertise and advanced technology.

  • Most Advanced Healthcare Technology

    1st Navigated Hip Replacement in the Asia Pacific

  • Best Clinical Outcomes

    Awarded Best Asian Healthcare Brands

  • Awarded

    India's Greatest Healthcare Brand

Since its founding in 1993, Parvathy Orthopedics Specialty has remained committed in its mission to provide patients with high-quality patient care that is grounded in evidence-based medicine. This commitment has allowed us to exceed expectations and simultaneously grow into one of the finest most respected orthopedic practices.

As a hospital that is focused solely on the treatment of both Orthopedic and Trauma, Parvathy Hospital devotes the entirety of our resources to the development of new treatments, the advancement of clinical care, and the pursuit of excellence in patient care.

A distinguishing feature of Parvathy Hospital is our emphasis on specialization both in clinical practice and research. Our doctors focus on joints this practice ensures that our patients receive unparalleled care from a physician who is an expert in their field and who is committed to providing the best outcomes possible. Care is provided in an environment that emphasizes respect and compassion.

Parvathy Hospital’ heart lies in the many communities it serves. This “Rise Again” is what leads Parvathy Hospital and staff to get involved in community health fairs, Walkathon, free lectures, and each year.

Leading the charge is the “Parvathy Hospital team” a group of dynamic teams who are the face of the organization at many of these events. Hand out health information and answer questions from the public. They also gather feedback about Parvathy Hospital medical care and Patients care; valuable information that helps the practice continuously improves.