Dr. Madhavan

M.S (G.S) M.CH (Surgical Gastro)



Surgical Gastro Enterologist and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon. 

Specialist in

Gastro Intestinal Surgeries

Advanced Laparoscopic Cancer and Bariatric Surgeries

Liver and Pancreatic Surgeries

Professional Expertise

He is qualified Specialist in the field of Surgical Gastro Enterology, Advanced Laparoscopic surgeries and Liver, Biliary tree and Pancreatic surgeries. He is also specially trained in Laparoscopic Gastro Intestional Cancer Surgeries, Bariatric surgeries and Major Abdominal trauma surgeries.

He completed his M.CH (Surgical Gastro Enterology), 5 years back in Stanley Medical College. After that, he got special training in advanced Laparoscopic Gastro Intestinal CANCER surgeries and Bariatric surgeries in various prestigious institutions in India. He did lot of both Open and Laparoscopic surgeries. His special area of Interest is Advanced Laparoscopic Cancer and Bariatric Surgeries.