Department of Plastic, Maxillofacial and Reconstructive Surgery

Involving the reconstruction of discontinuities in the skin, muscle, nerve and the small bones of the hands and foot, it is a problem solving specialty and better termed as â€˜Reconstructive Surgery’  The specialty has evolved and is not restricted to the skin alone.

The Plastic and Reconstructive specialty determines not just personality or outward appearances but the ABILITY to perform so many essential functions which are important for a productive, independent and social life.

The reconstruction of tissues is vital for muscle and nerve co-ordination in the limbs or for blood supply to the injured or defective part of the body.  

Why do you need a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon?

Plastic or aesthetic surgery is unnecessary or expensive is a myth. 

It does not involve only the repairing of the skin.

Most importantly, there is no plastic inserted!

And does not always involve the transfer of tissue. 

Even a simple suturing done by a plastic surgeon can produce significant results. It is the avoidance of a bad looking scar and a good functional outcome of even a small injury. If you have an injury in your eye lid only a plastic surgeon will know all the different layers of tissues involved, which need reconstruction to ensure optimal functioning of the eye-lid. The minute structures of the eye lid are properly addressed to give optimal results on eye-shutting, lachrymation (tear secretion) and without exposing the cornea. Similarly, if it is an injury in the eye brow the surgeon takes precaution and executes detailing in a way that does not damage the hair follicles in order to prevent a permanent loss of hair in the area. It is the detailing and skill and the fine work of the surgeon which restores the skin near to the original surface. Tissue re-modelling or re-creation is best when an injury on the face is first attempted by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Corrective Surgeries at Parvathy Hospital

  Peripheral nerve injuries –Facial 

  Brachial plexus injuries

  Wrist drop, Foot drop,

  Claw hand

  Complex reconstruction of leg defects 

Cosmetic surgeries at Parvathy Hospital




  Gynaecomastia surgery.