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Walkathon 2015

The Higher we’re placed, The more Humble.. We should Walk..! Imagine, Involve, Initiae, Endeavor, Ex-cute MEGA LEEP to our pride, Walk for Arthritis, Walk for Others, Walk for Society, Walk for Awarenes, you effort is our pride, Join together for the social cause. PARVATHY HOSPITAL

Cranioplasty Surgery

Parvathy Hospital Successfully Conducts a Landmark Cranioplasty Surgery

Parvathy Hospital, leading Ortho & Neuro hospital in the City, successfully conducted a unique Cranioplasty Surgery using a newly designed Titanium plate customized to fit the damaged portion of the skull of a 26 year old patient who sustained severe head injury.

Bones & Brains Redefined Edition

Bones and Brains Redefined Edition - Mar 2016

Bones & Brains magazine redefined March Edition. Published Curator and Graphics Designer facilitated for the excellent work and information to the society.

CME Orthopaedic Association

CME Orthopaedic Association | Tirupathi Parvathy Hospital 

Pensioner Association | Talkshow

Pensioner Association | Talkshow

Diet Testimonial

Mrs. Bharthy. R aged 49 years weight 100 kg is diagnosed as Diabetics and soft tissue Rheumatism. Referred to Dietician for weight loss where Mrs. Bhuvaneswari - Clinical Dietician & CDE has given advised diet which brought her 5 kg weight loss.