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Almost three decades ago, Parvathy Hospital was only a fledgling of an idea. Born of a necessity to offer better healthcare to Indians,it has since become a name to reckon with as one of Chennai's leading healthcare service providers. Parvathy Hospital has consistently envisioned patients’ needs and introduced game changing innovations.
In the years gone by, we have broken new grounds - from providing Level 1 Trauma care to bringing Asia’s first of it’s kind Joint Replacement Surgeries. As we forge ahead, healthcare will become even more inclusive. our Centres of Excellence is to build on our core philosophy of high quality of care in key areas of Orthopaedics, Emergency & Critical Care, Cardiac Sciences, Neuro Sciences,Urology,Vascular sciences and Gastro Entereology .
The objective is to deepen and strengthen our leadership position and reputation in these critical areas by increasing our focus on clinical outcomes and patient care, simultaneously encouraging the development of sub-specializations.
In the years to come, Parvathy will continue to define benchmarks in clinical care and service excellence. We always serve the patients with best care, state of the art technology, systems and the best talent India has to offer - medical or managerial. Our constant focus on clinical excellence and in attracting and retaining clinicians has become the corner- stone of our success.

Our specialists performing elective procedures on bone and joint reconstruction get it right the very first time and figures our for re-admission after a surgery have been close to zero. This is very evident from the number of surgeries our specialists have performed over time.

Our Vision

To open up new horizons in healthcare technology and make it available for everyone while delivering standardized healthcare at all times.

Our mission

The enhancement of patient care and outcomes with updated knowledge unprecedented technology. Caring with a smile and an essentially human touch to create patient’s delight.

Our approach to medicine and treatments is futuristic and delivering better outcomes for every patient is at the very heart of our service. Approaching Trauma care with extreme caution and protocols and highly equipped ORs, we have a 24/7 availability of Trauma, Vascular, Neuro, Orthopaedic, Plastic, Oral & Maxillo Facial and Gastroenterology specialists which ensures the critical care the trauma patient needs during the golden hour. This very significant facet of care at Parvathy Hospital has helped us save millions of lives.

Operating Rooms

The ORs at Parvathy Hospital have been designed by a renowned international architect who specializes in surgical ambiences. The prefabricated and modular operating room is equipped with high-quality surgical technology. Our advanced surgical planning software and instrument tracking technologies enable our surgeons to better visualize and streamline surgical work-flow ultimately delivering better patient outcomes.

With Modular Operating Theatres, and a Cleanroom Concept, the OR provides Computer Assisted Orthopaedics with the help of navigation systems.

Patient Rooms

Designed specifically to support the critical needs of a patient and facilitate easy care for the nurses, our wash rooms are eco-friendly and the hospital beds support the essential movement needs of a recovering patient. The nature- friendly design and decor of the room and hospital promotes faster healing.

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